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2 September 2022

Behzad Shiran, an Iranian student living in Italy called one of his friends and told them that it was his mother's death anniversary, and he's going to go by the Trevor river to dispose off flowers in her memory.

Not long after, Behzad went missing. His cellphone was unreachable, and there was no sign of him in the place he said he was. His friends told the police. The police began searching for him.

5 September 2022

The police found Behzad's backpack, a half-drunk Tequila bottle and few of his personal stuff nearby the river. Then, they started searching for him using scuba divers.

The Italian national TV broadcast pictures of Behzad, hoping that someone might've seen him.

7 September 2022

Behzad's body was found near Fiumicino airport, way down where he went missing.

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Last year, when Behzad lost his mother, he could not be with his family or with his mother, as he skipped the mandatory military service, a service of two years that its only purpose is to mentally break the young boys, take away their humanity and degrade them lower than scum.

Behzad could not be with his mourning family, or with his mother as she was dying, because he simply wanted to keep his sanity, humanity and health.

I am, too, marching toward the inevitable: mourning my loved ones from thousands of kilometers faraway. Like Behzad, I can not go back to Iran.

"You are here", that's what I tell myself everytime I have nightmares of going back to Iran.

Behzad Shiran
Behzad Shiran