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I was staring at the empty sidewalk through the window. It was October, and around this time, Esfahan was really, really cold. I’m talking desert cold, sub-zero cold. No one was walking outside, but not because of the cold. From my window, I could see one of the busiest and most important squares in the city, with lots of shops. It was busy almost every day of the year, 24 hour a day. That night, the streets were empty, just a few cars passing by from time to time.

Just one week before that night, we all received the horrible news. Acid attacks. The worst, inhumane, savage form of attacking, and not just once, but four times, four individuals, on four separate ocassions. Four innocent women were targeted for not being properly veiled.

Everyone was scared. I was scared, I was really scared.

I was staring at the empty sidewalk through the window. I could feel a warm drop of tear on my cheek. Hatred started replacing the Intense sorrow & fear.

Mahsa was 22 year old. The so-called Guidance Patrol (Gasht-e Ershad) arrested her for not properly veiled. An hour after her arrest, she was taken to a hospital. She was severely beaten. Two days later, she was presumed dead.

Everyone was angry. I was angry, I was really angry.

I’m staring at my Twitter timeline through a 16-inch frame. I can feel an intense burn on the inside. Hatred is now replacing the intense sorrow & anger in Iran.