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Blog update, socials, confidence and light

On 27 March 2022, I decided to log off from my social on my mobile devices. What happened next, you might ask. I became calmer, more productive, less anxious, and less angry. For someone who’s been active on Twitter for almost four years, the timeline is not a place to see what’s happening with your friends, it’s rather a battleground, with countless ongoing wars, most of which are unfair and unjust.

A month after my decision, today I decided to do what I wanted to do for a long time: update my blog. I want to convert this website to a medium where you as the audience and I as the writer feel comfortable. I decided to add the light mode support. It’s now synchronized with your device’s preferred theme. I applied this change, especially after I discovered I’m much more comfortable with the light theme during the daytime. I changed my Mac and iPhone theme to automatically switch between light and dark, and also applied it to my IDE. I’m now much more comfortable looking at my screen during the day.